The festival is for Acroyogis and practitioners who have been practicing for at least 6 months.

We recommend that you take at least 10-15 AcroYoga classes before attending the festival.

There will NOT be any workshops for absolute beginners.


We will have different levels of acroyoga workshops:

For acroyoga L-basing :

  •  Level 1: You are a beginner but you have already tried acroyoga (some classes and experience).
  • Level 2: You can do the AcroYoga sun salutation (Bird-Throne-Chair-High Flying Whale-handstand out), cartwheel, star stable min 20 sec, shoulder stand stable min 20 sec, tuck sit 5 sec. You can hold these poses confidently and move between them comfortably.
  • Level 3 : You manage a variety of poses and transitions (washing machines) including : side star, ninja star, four steps, catherine’s wheel, free star min 30 sec., low foot to hand 10 sec. reverse star and a free shoulder stand 30 sec…
  • Level 4 : You are comfortable and stable in many more challenging positions in L-basing (long arms foot to hand, hand to hand, foot to foot, mono limb,…). You are able to go through complex long transitions, including jumps, pops, dynamic movement, free balancing….


We will also have workshops for standing acrobatics.

  • Level 0: You never tried standing acrobatics and would love to try.
  • Level 1 : You have tried already standing acrobatics and you can do easily 2 high (standing on shoulders), thigh-stand and flag,
  • Level 2 : You are working on high shoulderstand, high bird and high side star.
  • Level 3 : You can do high shoulderstand, high bird and high side star and you are working on high hand to hand and foot to hand (spotter helping with the entry is fine).
  • Level 4 : You can do easily standing hand to hand, foot to hand and working in more advanced variations as pitching, in-locate, long arms holdings, one arm balancing…