This year we organize a pre-festival workshop with DEBBIE COLLIS & JACOB BROWN, just before the Festival starts. They will be teaching the pre-festival and during the main festival.

Debbie Collis started taking gymnastics in her youth. Thanks to her training, she has the strength, balance, and poise to make partner acrobatics very beautiful. Debbie’s long straight legs and pointed toes are the envy of the acro world. Debbie loves the connection and flow she can find with a partner. She can forget about the whole world while flowing in complex acrobatic movements. She has a talent for teaching. Students say that she is sweet and has a good eye for form. She loves practising until she gets a move perfectly and she has made many of her own new washing machines. In 2017 Debbie became a certified Acro Revolution Teacher.

Jacob got into gymnastics when he was sixteen and ended up teaching for ten years. In 2010 a friend introduced him to acro which he fell in love with right away. He loved how all acrobatics moves are like puzzles which you work out with your friends. Jacob is known for making dozens of washing machines and for putting hundreds of videos of acrobatics on his YouTube channel. In 2014 Jacob became a certified Acro Revolution Teacher in the first-ever class of 2014 since then has helped with two more Acro Teacher Trainings. Jacob and Debbie have been doing acro together since 2012.. They have taught all over the world, from the US to South America to the Israeli Acro Convention.
They both live in Springfield, Oregon, USA.

DATE: 24-25 June 2020

SCHEDULE: 2 days – 6 hours per day = 12 hours
10.00-13.00 & 14.30-17.30

Only intermediate/advanced

Same as the festival – Parc d’Enghien, Avenue Elisabeth, 7850 Enghien.

SPOTS: limited to 40 persons.

will open in January at the same time as the festival tickets…


More infos to come…
Only the intermediate/advanced level