Céline Libeer – Belgium

When Céline was introduced to acrobatics, she knew that she found the transition she had been looking for after about 20 years of practising and teaching gymnastics. She is intrigued by the elements of teamwork and trust needed in one’s partner in both acroyoga and standing acrobatics, as opposed to the individuality she experienced in gymnastics.
She finds her challenges in the wide world of dynamic acrobatics. Over the last several years she has been training and teaching acrobatics around Europe, as well as learning about Thai massage. She is a certified teacher with partner acrobatics and is part of the duo Acrowings. This duo has been spreading their knowledge and love of icarians, whips, and balance focused movements. While staying involved in these projects, Céline continues to explore other aspects of life that she is passionate about, including learning to live a more sustainable life that brings her closer to nature.