2024 Teachers

Meet this year’s international teachers!

Verónica | Flows, Icarians & Whips | Organiser

Veronica is a passionate mover enchanted by body practices with an artist’s soul. Formerly a professional contemporary dancer that fell in love with yoga, acrobatics and aerials. In the last 15 years she has been dedicated to share the joys and the power of disciplines such as yoga, acroyoga, dance, pole dance, aerial hoop and silks. 

Teaching and performing internationally, actively present and working to grow the acroyoga community. Certified Yoga Teacher by NowHereYoga and Synergy Yoga. Certified Acroyoga Teacher by Acroyoga International. 

Her main interest is to use movement to empower people. To help each person to rise above their own expectations and perceived limitations. To become a helper on self-discovery and self-improving, and to support the generation of valuable connections to others. Her project “Every Body Can Fly” creates different activities to share the joy of living fully in your own body while building a kind community through body practices.

She is one of the main organisers of our convention!

Lennert & Yvonne | Whips, Pops, Whicarians

Lennert and Yvonne met in 2017 and they played some acroyoga the first time, and ever since that day, from their active background in sports and yoga, they’re highly  addicted to the practice. You’ll find them often at festivals, conventions and workshops to improve their skills, connect with others, and get inspired for their own classes and workshops. In 2018 they both graduated from the AcroYoga Teacher Training (AYI). They have a huge love for flowy washing machines, whips, whippops and of course icarians.

Besides teaching at festivals and teaching regular classes and workshops, they’re the founders of Dutch AcroYoga Festival, which is held since 2019 in different Dutch cities, several times a year. For the local community, they created AcroYoga Moves, active mainly in The Hague and Leiden.

They got their own AcroYoga temple, a beautiful space in the centre of Leiden where they organise regular classes, jams, and workshops by both themselves and guest teachers!

They’re looking forward to meeting you!

Mar & Leito | Flows, Icarians & Whips

Do you like fluidity and transformation? This is what defines Mar – not only as an acroyogi, but also as a dancer and a fashion designer. Based in Barcelona, Mar has special interest in all the movement disciplines as acrobatic dance, tribal fusion bellydance, contemporary dance, contact dance and flamenco. She has been learning and teaching all over the world in research of the middle path between dance & acroyoga since eight years ago. She has never stopped learning from whoever she has the chance to share and play with. At the Acroyoga Summer Festival she will not only share her unique style in Acroyoga with us – teaching together with Leito & Jos – she will also bring some of her wonderful clothes for a little market place. Discover more on her Instagram!

Leito is based in Chile but his eagerness to see more keeps him discovering the world. He is super excited to come to Europe for the first time and especially to be teaching at Acroyoga Summer Festival. Since he was a kid he kept moving through various sports branches such as Basketball, Soccer, trekking and Yoga, until he discovered Acroyoga. He fell in love with the practice and its connection, to the point that he created a project called ‘Intensivo Acrobatico’ that is characterized by holding events from multiple disciplines, a Festival that has been in Chile for 6 years. Nowadays, he is a Certified Teacher at the prestigious international school of Partner Acrobatics. Place where he polished his technique and pedagogy in aspects related to communication and quality of contact. He is constantly sharing his knowledge and passion of Acro teaching at festivals, intensives and private classes especially in South America. He is super excited to keep broadening his horizons, meeting new people and playing with you all!

Tudor Sirbu | Standing

Tudor, founder of Training for Acro, is a certified Acrobatics teacher, as well as a Strength and Conditioning Coach with teaching experience for over ten years and a Master’s in Sports.

He discovered AcroYoga there in 2014 and since then, he has attended different intensive training events and workshops where he received coaching from the best teachers including Det and Jim, Wybren da Silva, Fons Bennink, and Noel Spauwen, Bart Venne and Forma Fortis.

Since 2016, Tudor began teaching workshops in various locations around the world, sharing his “Training for Acro” method with everyone looking to improve their strength, flexibility and coordination. Also, he is teaching Partner Acrobatics and AcroYoga.

Tudor’s energy is contagious and contributes to increasing people’s fitness levels through varied, fun activities, improving overall quality of life. He truly loves what he does: nothing gives him more joy and energy than helping people. See for yourself on his Instagram!

Natalia & Joshua | Flows & Hand-free

Natalia & Joshua believe acro is an exercise in effortlessness. Whether it is flips, whips, pops or hands free transitions, they emphasize smooth execution and impeccable technique. What does all this mean? It means they make acro feel good. They now travel the world meeting acro communities, learning what they can and spreading the concept of effortless acro.

Manas & Nikoleta | Flows

Manas, originally from India, finds joy in AcroYoga as it brings him to a state of complete presence. He embraces the fun in the process of attempting and failing repeatedly. Manas’s passion lies in exploring new, unconventional acro transitions and delving into the technical aspects to achieve simplicity and elegance. As a certified teacher with The Acro Way, he has shared his knowledge at various international Acro conventions and conducts regular workshops in Stockholm. His expertise lies in Acro flow, Slackro, Icarians, and Whips, focusing on teaching funky and goofy as well as elegant and spinny flows. Here is his Instagram!

And more to come!